I’m searching for a reason.

I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never had a reason to. This uncomfortable knot in my chest I cannot be rid of. A numbing distraction Turns into a growing destruction. The days, weeks and months even have passed me by. Yet I always come back to the same time. Time lost within time Because […]

On a Thursday afternoon

On a Thursday afternoon As mundane and inconspicuous As they come, I had the best time of my life. She noticed me Even before I entered the room. And thus it was a surprise to none To behold the sight that was I. Looking as though I had played dress up, I held a bag […]

One Lovely Blog Award ❤️

Hi friends! ‘Bout a month back I was nominated by Simplisticinsights for the One Lovely Blog Award! Simplisticinsights is a blog that writes about insights that we learn through our journey in life. With life experiences intertwined with poetry, I’m sure you’ll enjoy time spent reading this blog! So hop on over at the end […]


via Daily Prompt: Label In life, we’ll find out sooner or later that we all have labels. Visible. Invisible. Loved. Hated. Earned. Uncalled for. Who gives us these labels? People around us. Our parents. Our friends. Anyone and anyone we meet. It may even be a stranger, whom we have never exchanged a word with. […]

The Law of 33%

I came across a post on Millionaire’s Digest not too long ago that instantly caught my attention. It was titled ‘The Law of 33%’. (You can read it here.) Already, the title alone stood out from all the other posts on my feed. I mean, what would a post titled ‘The Law of 33%’ possibly […]

Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay – Review

It’s finally March! I’ve been anticipating the coming of this very month for some time now, mainly because the Beauty and The Beast live-action movie is going to be released mid March. I’ve always loved Disney’s Beauty and The Beast passionately, what with Belle being my favourite Disney Princess out of the dozen or so. Perhaps […]

My personal study tips

Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk, with an unbelievably high stack of papers in front of you. Yet, you’re on your phone, scrolling through your social media applications. What has gotten into you?! With yet another sigh, you click your phone shut and try for what feels like the thousandth time to stay focused […]

Nongsa, Batam – A travel diary

I went on an impromptu 5D4N trip to Nongsa, Indonesia last month and decided that I’d (finally) get to writing my first travel diary! I hope that you guys will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed documenting my trip! 😊 Also, I’ve reviewed and rated my trip to Nongsa at the end of […]

The blogger recognition award!

I was nominated for this award – the blogger recognition award –  by Chiara and Kinga! Thank you girls for nominating me. Your blogs are super cute and its always a joy to read your blog posts! So guys do check them out, you wont regret it! Here are the rules: ⇒ Thank the blogger who […]